Community Group Starter Kit: Our Rhythms

In previous posts, we have discussed the WHY, WHAT, WHERE, and HOW of Community Groups. Now, we need to look at the WHEN. Our groups have a simple rhythm that is highly strategic.

  • Meet once a week
  • Party once a month
  • GO once a semester

This simple framework helps our groups provide a life-changing community where you can belong, believe, and become.

One of our Community Group’s Hangout Nights

Meet Once A Week

Our Community Groups meet every week because consistency builds community. We want our groups to become part of the weekly rhythms of our people’s lives. Whenever you schedule Community Groups less frequently, it can be difficult to gain traction and if someone misses, they will go a month without seeing the group members. By meeting weekly, you make the group a priority on your calendar and community can form quickly.

Party Once A Month

Monthly our group hosts a Hangout Night which is a when the group intentionally creates a warm and welcoming place to invite new people to experience their life-changing community. These nights provide strategic invite opportunities for those who the group members are praying for and investing in.

A great example of this is my friend Jeff. When I met him, he was walking through a tragic season of life and needed help. I invited him to come to a grill out with a bunch of my friends (our Community Group Hangout Night). While he was there, he got to meet several new people, including one of our leaders, Steven, who had recently walked through the exact same situation. As they shared their stories with each other, they shared phone numbers, and Jeff returned to Community Group the following week and participated in our normal group meetings. Over the next four weeks, Jeff would say YES to following Jesus! When we asked him why he joined our group, without knowing it, he explained the vision of Hangout Nights: “You invited me to a grill out, which sounded fun. Had you invited me to a Community Group meeting, I would have been to intimidated because I didn’t think anyone struggled with what I did…but then I met Steven.”

Doing a Hangout Night once a month is a crucial part of our rhythms. On these nights, you deepen relationships with your current members and you form new relationships with the people your group has been praying for and investing in. For this reason, we recommend having a leader in charge of planning the Hangout Night each month and setting a certain week of the month as your designated Hangout Night (First, Last, etc.). Here is a handout that we created to help host a great Hangout Night.

GO Once A Semester

Along with your weekly and monthly rhythm, we want groups to choose one way that your group can reach your neighborhood, city, or world. One of the ways you can do this is by joining something The Chapel is doing. Throughout the year, the church hosts multiple events each year (Fall Fest, Easter Egg Extravaganza, International Thanksgiving Banquet) focused on loving the city and the world and we want your group to join us in these efforts. Another way that you can GO together is to dream up a local outreach that you would want to lead. Periodically, we provide groups with the money to fund big neighborhood block parties and more. As you GO together, it is amazing the memories you will make as a group and what you will begin to stir in the hearts of your members.

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