Community Group Starter Kit: Our Roles

This is the last section of the Community Group Starter Kit. Previous posts include:

This section focuses on the WHO: Our Roles. Instead of sending out one individual or a couple, we would rather start a Community Group as a team. This allows for there to be shared responsibility of the group which helps each individual to have nights where he or she can receive, not just give.

Also, Community Groups are not a group of people with a gifted leader, but a leader with a group of gifted people. We want to create opportunities for people to use their gifts to contribute to the group. However big or small the contribution may be, we want people to not just think about what can I receive from the group, but what can I give.

Below are four different roles that we recommend for our groups. This is not an exact science, but an art. Certain individuals may lead in two roles or multiple people may help facilitate the discussion weekly. We just don’t want one person doing all four roles.


The Facilitator leads the group discussion weekly. This role may be done by one person or by multiple. The most important part of this role is that the leader facilitates a discussion, not preach a message. We want as many people to participate in the discussion. As people contribute, it creates a sense of belonging and it helps them better process what they are hearing.


The Host opens up their home for the group to meet. They also think through their living spaces and design them in a way that accommodates the group and helps foster connection. For example, the host may reorganize their living room to create one big circle so that it better facilitates discussion.


The Coordinator focuses on organizing and communicating with the group. If your group has a snack list, the coordinator organizes whose week it is and sends reminders. They also communicate to the whole group about what is coming up this week, whether that be sending out the group discussion or reminding them to invite a friend to the Hangout Night. Lastly, if your group does childcare, this person will coordinate with the babysitter and the group.

Party Leader

The Party Leader leads the monthly Hangout Night. This involves more than just planning the night’s activities but helping cast the vision to the group about why we have them. This includes planning activities that are welcoming to new people and encouraging current group members to invite those they have been praying for and investing in.

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