Community Group Starter Kit: Our Vision

In the previous posts, we have discussed the WHY and WHAT behind our Community Groups. Before we get into the specifics of hosting a group and the strategy, let’s first look at the vision for our Community Groups. What are we hoping God will do through our groups over the next decade?

At The Chapel, we have a 10-year GroupLife vision where we are praying and planning for a D-group in Every Community Group and A Community Group in Every Neighborhood. Below is a map that illustrates this statement.

We have identified 71 neighborhoods across Baton Rouge that we want to see a Chapel Community Group in. Check out more details about this vision and our current progress here.

This is a bold vision that is driven by the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. We will reach our city and help people meet Jesus through saturating the city of Baton Rouge with Community Groups that provide a welcoming environment for all people to join. Additionally, as these people meet Jesus in Community Groups, we want to help them know and follow Jesus in the context of D-Groups. As our neighbors, coworkers, and classmates meet, know, and follow Jesus, we will send out laborers to the campus, the city, and the world. 

Why Community Groups in Every Neighborhood

The way The Chapel will reach Baton Rouge will be through saturating the city with followers of Christ who are praying for and investing in those who do not know Jesus and inviting them into their lives. Community Groups offer the perfect environment for people to belong, believe, and become. As we meet once a week, have Hangout Nights once a month, and GO once a semester, we will begin to see neighborhoods meet Jesus.

Why D-Groups In Every Community Group

If our Community Groups increase the breadth of our Gospel impact, D-groups increases the depth. As people meet Jesus personally and become faithful, available, and teachable, they can join a D-group with fellow members in the group. This season of accelerated spiritual transformation helps them know and follow Jesus and prepares them to help others do the same.

How Will We Get There

As Community Group members invite new people in and disciple them through D-groups, the group will experience both numerical and spiritual growth. When Community Groups have a group that believes in the vision and a leader who is ready to lead, we encourage leaders to launch out a core group of people (6-10 people) to a neighborhood that doesn’t have a Community Group yet. As our groups reach, grow, and send people from neighborhood to neighborhood we will see God’s vision for our church and our groups come to fruition as we have a D-Group in every Community Group and a Community Group in every Neighborhood.

Want More Information:

A lot of prayer and planning went into crafting this vision. Take a look at this webpage for more information about the statement and to get an update about where we are currently in accomplishing this vision!

In today’s episode, Andrew and Vick unpack the Chapel’s 10-year Grouplife vision: A D-Group in every Community Group and a Community Group in every neighborhood. Andrew shares why this is the right vision for our groups and how it will benefit our church and city. And Vick shares the process of how the map was made and how each person can be involved in this vision!
For more information on the vision and to track our progress, check out the new page on our Group Leader Resource page:

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