Church leaders are exhausted from the never-ending treadmill of managing programs that aren’t helping their people grow. Church members are disinterested in and distracted from investing in the lives of others. The entire church feels like “there has to be more than this.”

What if you could simplify and focus your church’s efforts and multiply its impact both in-depth and breadth?

What if you could not just engage your church members, but also unleash their God-given potential to invest in other’s lives where they live, work, and play?

It’s possible. We can help.

Vick will lead your team through a highly interactive experience that promotes collaborative decision-making that helps your team trip over insight and get shared breakthrough that propels your disciple-making movement forward.


  • Identify and fix your greatest challenges that are preventing your church from making disciples that make disciple makers.
  • Cast a clear and compelling vision that shifts the church’s
    paradigm towards personal disciple making.
  • Create a personalized ministry plan that fits your culture,
    leadership, and situation.
  • Provide on-going coaching to help you activate
    and execute your vision and strategy.
  • Design, launch, and multiply Discipleship Groups in your church.