There are a hundred things that we CAN DO in life, but what is the one thing we MUST DO?

God has created each person as a masterpiece. A one-of-a-kind creation. Unfortunately, most Christians don’t do the hard work of looking at their lives to discover the richness of the creation that God has made in them and the dream he has for their life.

We believe that God’s dream is both knowable and nameable.

Through the Younique Life Map plan, Vick will help you understand their unique design and unique destiny. You will be able to answer five irreducible questions for clarity in your life:

  • WHAT am I called to do?
  • WHY do I do it?
  • WHERE am I going?
  • HOW will I get there?
  • WHEN will I know that I am successful?

If you are interested in personally going through the Gospel-Centered Life Planning or want to provide the training for your team, fill out the form below.