7 Questions To Discover What Your Team Members Value Most

Our personal values are our deepest priorities in life. These are the truths that we embrace not just as most important, but also most beautiful. They function as the foundational reasoning for all important decisions in our life. They influence the thoughts we think, the feelings we feel, and the decisions we make.

Knowing what your team members value most is crucial both to loving and leading them well. Knowing their values helps you care for them best as a person and helps you guide them and the organization towards fulfilling their God-given potential.

If you can identify the personal values of your team members, you can speak to the heart of a person. You will know:

  • What makes him feel heard and seen.
  • What best motivates her.
  • What offends him most.
  • What’s most influential in her decision-making.
  • What brings significance to her work.

Below are seven questions I ask to help me better understand what my team members value most: