My Top 10 Favorite Books of 2020

2020 has changed everything. As leaders respond to the rapidly changing world, the old adage, “leaders are readers,” has never been more true. With fewer sports on the television and with more time at home, I was able to read more than usual. Below is a list of the top ten books (in no specific order) that are shaping my leadership in the church, workplace, and home.

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The Power Of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath

Think back on your favorite vacation. Through the years, as you have reminisced on this trip, you have probably replayed a few select memories over and over again. Research shows that we recall experiences by forgetting most of what happened and focusing on a few particular moments. The question is, “How can we create the moments that people will remember?”

In Power of Moments, The Heath brothers explain not just how moments shape you, but how you can shape moments. Whether you are a leader who is planning his next event or a parent who wants to create meaningful moments with their children, the Heath brothers give simple steps to help you create moments that will be remembered long after they are finished.

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Coddling Of The American Mind: How Good Intentions And Bad Ideas Are Setting Up A Generation For Failure

From 2010-2015, while leading a college ministry on the campus of LSU, our team observed a significant change in how college students interacted with viewpoints different than their own. We watched students go from interested to apathetic to hostile towards differing opinions.  Coddling of the American Mind not only identifies this troubling trend, but provides great insight on what caused this shift and how we should respond. This book is extremely helpful to not just understand our college campuses, but our society. Lukianoff and Haidt address issues like racism, event disinvites, depression, and anxiety. They also show how three big ideas had good intentions, but are ultimately hurting the individuals that embrace them and impacting society on a mass scale.

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Culture Code: The Secrets Of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle

Despite the plethora of books written on organizational culture, it still seems to be the thing that people just can’t figure out. We often don’t know why we do or don’t have it and are unsure about how to get it. In Culture Code, Daniel Coyle takes a fresh perspective on this topic and lays out simple steps towards developing a healthy culture. He shares intriguing stories from his trips to visit Pixar, the San Antonio Spurs, the NAVY Seals, and more. From these experiences, Coyle identifies what makes great companies great. You will be inspired by Coyle’s stories and gain insight from his simple, but profound principles. 

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Book Summary: Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal

General Stanley McChrystal’s premise is that efficiency is no longer the most important thing to strive for in your organization. As someone who loves efficiency, I was slightly appalled, but also intrigued. The author does a great job explaining the complexity of our world and how its unpredictability makes adaptability imperative. This book will help leadership teams bring clarity to the organization’s mission and values so that it can empower its leaders to adapt and make decisions that allow the organization to thrive.

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TOP TEN BOOKS OF 2018: My Way Too Late December Post

Usually this is a post that is done in December, but since I wasn’t posting then, here it is in April. To make up for being five months late, I have included a Christmas picture that everyone can enjoy: Cousin Eddie! Below are the links to my favorite books of 2018. Throughout the year, I will write a quick summary on most of these. You can see some of my most recent book summaries here. For 2019 books, I will actually post on time. In the meantime, pick up any of these books and enjoy!

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Book Summary: 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You by Tony Reinke

The most invasive and prevalent thing in our lives today is technology. More than ever, it is imperative that we inspect the devices in our life and decide how we can steward technology wisely through establishing healthy digital habits.  There are few books that can dive deep into theology while also giving practical advice. Tony accomplishes this as his book provides moments for everyone. The deep thinker will have moments to pause and ponder, while the practitioner will have action steps to immediately execute.

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